The Real Leader in This Conflict

We have heard and saw many images of Putler down the years, showing his manliness. Riding bears and sharks, a judo black belt, and overall a powerful leader. On the other hand, Zelensky has been labelled a clown, and at times he deserved it, but he has shown he cares more for his country than the evil Putin.

Below are 2 videos. One is Zelensky visiting Lysychansk, just a few km from the front line and Sievierodonetsk. The other shows the tough guy gracing “wounded” soldiers with his presence.


  1. Zel is touched with greatness; perhaps the greatest since Churchill. Maybe even greater; Sir Winston had 3.5m troops at his disposal, as well as a large, powerful navy and a modern Air Force. Zel has less than a million, a tiny navy and a small Air Force that achieves amazing things with very slim resources.
    God willing, those troop numbers will increase exponentially.
    Putler on the other hand, is a savage dictator; the most evil since Hitler/Stalin.
    Putler must slither back into Satan’s anus, where he came from.
    Putlerstan needs full denazification.

    • It’s one hell of a psychological blow to the Kremlin, when the leader you wanted to assassinate, goes to the front line. Putin’s response to dress up FSB goons a wounded soldiers, how humiliating.

      • Those who are well disposed towards Ukraine and have the power to make a difference could do a lot worse than consult Bill Browder; a man who understands the poisonous nazi rat a lot better than most. :-

  2. No doubt that the entire world sees Zelensky as the great one between him and Putler. They even see him as a much greater figure than the vast majority of the other leaders across the globe. That must hurt many a feeling, right, Putler, Scholz, Merkel, Macron et al.?

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