Russia Must Tremble.

Robin Horsfall; retired SAS soldier, Veterans Campaigner and Public Speaker, University of Surrey.

June 8

It takes time for peaceful, wealthy nations to anger. The rule of law creates a society that finds justice through speech and legislation rather than violence. As the years pass violence becomes something that ‘others’ do. Military forces become an unnecessary expense – but history teaches us time and time again that weakness creates the one thing we all hope to avoid – war!

However, once the sleeping giant of freedom stirs and breaks her chains, the ground trembles. For the last 104 days Freedom has stirred, stretched her arms and risen. She has mustered her strength and has gathered her forces. Freedom was roused by the heroism of little Ukraine against Putin’s monstrous Grendel. As she raised her voice all the nations of the world who love her heard her call.

The tanks, guns, planes and ships are coming and there is no power great enough to stop them. They come from UK, USA, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Czechia, Slovakia, Moldova, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland and Iceland (there are more). Every freedom loving nation has awoken to challenge Putin’s monster.

It’s already too late, Freedom has awoken and will not sleep until Grendel returns to her swamp. Russians must tremble in fear, they have woken the greatest giant of them all.!

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. Allot of wishful thinking. Sorry for the cynicism. If freedom was aroused, Ukrainian leadership wouldn’t need to continue to beat the drums about weapons and other support. Sorry all I see are a few wonderful countries trying to help in any way they can, then being stopped by others. Once again I apologize for my negativism.

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    • I get very depressed by the mass murder, misery and pain being inflicted upon innocents by putinazi vermin and get very annoyed by the foul treachery of putler’s friends in the EU.
      That’s why I seek out Robin’s posts. They cheer me up!

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  2. Alas, this time I must rain on Robin’s parade. There are still many of those “Freedoms” who are sound asleep or even on the Dark Side.

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