Luxembourg froze Russian assets by 4.3 billion euros 


To date, Luxembourg operators have frozen the assets of sanctioned Russian individuals and legal entities in the amount of 4.26 billion euros.

According to the Ministry of Finance of Luxembourg, these are bank accounts and securities.

In total, more than 90 people and 1,100 companies from the Russian Federation were included in the sanctions list.

It will be recalled that the European Union has frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs by almost 10 billion euros since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine .

As previously reported by the head of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC) Alexander Novikov, European countries, the United States, Japan and other partners of Ukraine have frozen more than $ 1 trillion in assets owned by Russia, Russian oligarchs and officials. Джерело:



      • It’s part of their system of tentacles to laundering money, hiding money and shoving money around to Western politicians, higher educators, media, and captains of industry.

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