From the FB page; UkraineWorld

Wed 8 June

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion, the countries that have mobilised billions of euros to support Ukraine.


Comment from Glenda Lea Telgenhoff:

“There are many donations that aren’t announced in the news. After all, if I know it Putin knows it. There’s also the intangible benefit of Intelligence assistance. The US, UK, and even Australian Intelligence departments have been working very closely with Ukraine but we won’t hear about it in the news any longer to avoid “provocation.” Let’s not forget Poland’s and Moldova’s incredible contributions in refugee support. Also, Australia, Japan, and Norway have given military equipment. Columbia has sent a team of experts to teach Ukrainians how to recognize and deal with mines. Humanitarian aid has come from many countries not on this list, including South Korea and Columbia. I’m not sure we can correctly quantify the value of all the aid but we can see that a large portion of the world cares, and war is financially expensive.”


  1. All figures quoted are since the holocaust started on Feb 24.
    It’s a feeble response to a fucking genocide, to put it mildly.
    China, with its GDP of $13.4 trillion, gave nothing. Thanks a lot chicom turds!
    Germany; GDP of $4 trillion, gave $2.35bn. Piss poor.
    Britain; GDP of $2.83 trillion, gave $4.79bn. That needs to double : we are a Budapest signatory.
    US; GDP $20.49 trillion, gave $42.95 bn. Good, but of course Ukraine have only received a small portion of it so far.
    EU gave $4.12bn. Now that really is taking the piss. The arseholes pay putler $1bn/day still.

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    • It is often said that Norway and Sweden are the best places to live, most healthy, most happy, most prosperous, etc. By the looks of their aid to help an invaded Ukraine with just over a half billion euros I would say they certainly have strange priorities to just stand by and watch an innocent neighbor be taken over by a horde of evil orcs.

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