Russia to Send PT-76 Amphibious Light Tanks to Fight Against Ukraine

The Vietnam era PT-76 is going to join its comrade the T-62M and conduct offensive in Ukraine

The PT-76 amphibious light tank equipped with the underpowered 76mm D56T gun was produced from 1951 to 1967 and then was replaced by BMP-1.

The news about applying the PT-76 was provided by the military-political observer Alexander Kovalenko on his Facebook page.

“Until 2010, it remained in service with the russian army, after that all the PT-76’s remaining on the move were sent for storage… But, in 2022, the tank got a second life”, he says.

The russian army little by little starts cosplaying the Cold War Soviet army in terms of soldiers equipment from temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions, having ancient helmets, literally no army boots and armed with Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Tactical sneakers on one of the POWs / Illustrative photo from open sources

Apparently, the PT-76 is going to be a warm vibe for those soldiers who cherished the Soviet times.

The mobilized of so-called DPR / Open source photo


  1. “The PT-76 amphibious light tank equipped with the underpowered 76mm D56T gun was produced from 1951 to 1967 and then was replaced by BMP-1.”

    It’s unbelievable that NATO are scared of an army supplied with museum pieces.

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  2. With the assistance of filthy communist traitors in America and Britain like Harry Gold and Klaus Fuchs, Russia became a nuclear armed power; the last country on earth that should possess nuclear weapons.
    That is the main reason why the US and U.K. have always been so afraid to confront them openly. A huge mistake in my view.
    The zero integrity countries in Europe such as Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Austria etc, will always want to trade with them, along with China, India and all the other shitholes.
    The time has come to reappraise the strategy to Russia. Its economy is not in freefall as it should be, partly because of the pathetic weakness of the sanctions, but also because the EU is still trading with them and wholesale gas and oil prices are rising.
    If their economy is not crushed, all you have left is crushing military power, which again the Budapest signatories are not using to the extent that they should be.

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  3. I already see it coming! Next, the T-34s will be taken down from their pedestals.
    For all those spineless cowards in Europe, especially Scholz and Macron, this is the cockroach army you’re so afraid of!

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