In the south of the Odessa region, there is a “transport collapse”: hundreds of trucks with grain create huge traffic jams and do not allow agricultural machinery to work  

Hundreds of heavy trucks with grain rushed to the Ukrainian Danube ports, as well as to Moldova and Romania due to the blockade of the Ukrainian Black Sea ports by the occupying fleet. The transport infrastructure of the south of the Odessa region cannot withstand such an invasion of trucks.  

South Edition . Today” reports that this problem was discussed at the 25th ordinary session of the Reni City Council. Speaking to the deputies, the mayor of the Reni community, Igor Plekhov, admitted that the queues of trucks already go beyond any reasonable limits and even hinder field work. Some farmers complain that agricultural machinery cannot move from one plot of land to another, because these plots are separated by a road, and there is a “great wall” of heavy vehicles on the road.

“The number of trucks that have accumulated in our community reaches four thousand a day. This is a huge problem. Now not only the Reni City Executive Committee, but also the Izmail District State Administration, regional authorities and relevant departments, in particular, Ukravtodor, are dealing with it,” Igor Plekhov said. – Recently, the head of the Izmail Regional State Administration, Rodion Abashev, visited the Reni community. We jointly studied the state of affairs directly on the ground. We came to the conclusion that there is only one way out of the situation – it is necessary to build large parking lots, up to five hectares each. At the same time, we cannot allow such large tracts of hromada land to be alienated. I have already stated this to the leadership of the Road Service in the Odessa region. I think a compromise could be as follows: all the trucks that are standing right on the tracks today, will move to roadsides up to 10 meters wide. Ukravtodor is responsible for maintaining these lanes. Let him deal with their arrangement for the parking of trucks.

According to the Road Service, in Ukrainian Bessarabia, the construction of special parking lots for large vehicles on highways that lead to international checkpoints will start. This will be done by the State Agency for Highways of Ukraine (Ukravtodor).

To date, the department intends to build 4 special sites with an average capacity of up to 200 trucks each. In addition, it is planned to introduce the practice of an electronic queue, thanks to which each driver will be able to predict his arrival at the parking lot, as well as inform other road users online about the current workload of the sites.


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