Greece will delay sending Soviet BMP-1 to Ukraine because of Germany

The Ministry of Defense of the country noted that we are talking about at least a two-month delay.

Greece delays delivery of infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine \ REUTERS
Greece delays delivery of infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine \ REUTERS

Greece will delay sending Soviet BMP-1s to Ukraine for at least two months, as Germany delays sending the Marder BMP to Greece .

Bild writes about this with reference to a high-ranking official of the Greek Ministry of Defense.

The official said it could take at least two months before the first tank from Germany ends up on the Greek islands, where BMP-1s are now located.

He gave the example that Athens is still waiting for the invitation of its special committee to Germany to check the Marder tanks. The committee consists of five to six military experts who will check the condition of the tanks and determine which ones to take. 

A senior Defense Ministry official asked: “When is Ukraine supposed to receive armored vehicles as a result of this circular exchange? When will the war end?

As the newspaper notes, before that, the former Greek defense minister criticized the idea of ​​an exchange of tanks proposed by Berlin: “This is a circus. A mockery of both Ukraine and Greece.”

The ex-minister noted that, according to the plan of Berlin, Greece gives Ukraine old tanks with ammunition, and receives a little less old and without ammunition. He noted that he had no explanation for this – except for this: “Olaf Scholz does not want to help Ukraine directly, and does not want to openly admit it.”

In addition, the publication quotes the words of the Greek military expert Christos Kapucis, who said that the exchange number is dangerous for Ukraine. “I’m not sure that the Ukrainians will be very happy with the old East German infantry fighting vehicles, because they are an easy target,” the expert explained.

He added that in Greece tanks would not be used in the first line. They served only as a symbolic deterrent on the islands. 

(C)UNIAN 2022


    • Its more chancellor Oaf than the people of Germany I believe. After watching what putin is doing to Ukraine for 8 years that SOB can’t even say publicly who he wants to win. That alone should have gotten him thrown out of office because he is clearly A NAZI.

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      • What’s really scary, take a look to alternative of Sholz and Macron. I don’t get any warm fuzzy thinking about their opposition parties. Hence my developing bigoted attitude

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  1. There are no words to describe the extreme negative feelings about Germany. Its reputation is in ruins, and it’s about time that the world sees the truth about this trash country. I don’t mean the many good people in the country, who support Ukraine, but mainly most of its very pathetic and incompetent government, chiefly the asshole Scholz. He is not supporting an innocent country getting murdered, raped and destroyed, but rather indirectly at least, is helping the murdering, raping crime syndicate country to achieve its goals.
    Now, if only the righteous people in the world would finally boycott kraut products, for this would hit them where it hurts the most.

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  2. God deliver us from the rule of evil men and women. Oaf is taking any credibility that Germany might have had and flushing it down the toilet.


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