From the FB page of Viktoria Miroshnichenko

June 7

Translation by Google

A letter from the occupation. Kherson.

Natasha, we hold on tight. It sounds like they are scared. They are very afraid . They can stop any person on the street and make them repeat several times that they are big, that they are strong and we want to live with them.

We lower our eyes and repeat, and our heads spin – how are you, s@ki, afraid if you, for your greatness, need someone to repeat about this greatness. How insecure you are.

It’s like, a sexual intercourse with an impotent, which has to be repeated endlessly that he is strong, that he can do it, for a very long time and stubbornly for him to try and think when this painful abuse will finally end.

We repeat it to keep us all safe. Because it’s very difficult to fight an unarmed man against a brainless torso with a machine gun.

Because then when this filth is driven off our earth, we will have to clean the town. No matter who we are talking to now, everyone has the same words.

Words that the city smells rotten. We’ll probably need a lot of detergent to just wash sidewalks, houses, and even trees for a long time. Because everything that these inhumans have touched smells rotten.

Yesterday, one retired woman refused to repeat that they are big. Three healthy men undressed her and left her in the street, forbidding anyone to approach her to help her.

For three hours she stood naked on the street and only spoke loudly:
“Do not come near me, my dear ones. Don’t put yourself in danger. Please! We will still have a lot to do with you… After !

And yet. They are stealing.
They are stealing everything.
I can’t even imagine that they don’t steal.
We have never seen theft on this scale. Starting with baby toys and ending with a box of rotten vegetables.

They are afraid, because the city is constantly roasting postcards.

Our postcards with Ukrainian symbols.

We are waiting for the Armed Forces. And when they are close, the khersoncí bare hands and teeth will deal with uncleanness.
They are feeling it.
So in a hurry there is.

And we will wait.
Let’s wait.
Grab your teeth, squeeze your fists to numb your fingers and wait. Because we have something to look forward to.

To be once and for all. And none of this filthy is left.

And then we’ll wash the city.
For a long time.

Natasha, tell everyone that Kherson is Ukraine!

And, if you can, pray for us, calling in your prayers all Ukrainian names. Because these are our names… “

Photo by Vita Fedyuk.
The author of the writing for obvious reasons is not specified.

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