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Hans Petter Midttun.

My morning report day 103 – 6 June: This is no time to hesitate in Ukraine, The Washington Post columnist Max Boot writes. This is not the moment to lose faith in Ukraine. This is the moment to redouble our support for its freedom fighters.

Ukrainian counterattacks in Severodonetsk recaptured large parts of the city and forced Russian troops out of the southern suburbs of the city. They reportedly also conducted limited and localized counterattacks north of Kharkiv City.

Sweden and Finland joining NATO would be tough for Russia, U.S. General Mark Milley said.

ME: Our efforts to support Ukraine are half-hearted. Max Boot articulated this brilliantly when he reminded us about the Powell Doctrine, which counsel against getting involved in “half-hearted half-wars” and argued that when the United States uses force, it should do so with overwhelming might to win”, arguing that “the same doctrine should apply to military assistance: Instead of offering Ukraine just enough aid to avoid being defeated, we should be providing such overwhelming support that it can win the war (meaning, liberate most of the territory lost since Feb. 24).”
I have argued relentlessly that NATO is bound to become directly engaged in Ukraine sooner or later. It is inevitable. The ambitions and tasks laid down in its strategic concept are essential for our common security. The ripple effects of the war are increasing by the day and will at one stage threaten European stability, security, and prosperity. The weapons Ukraine needs to evict Russian forces from its territory and break the maritime embargo require “operators” from the Alliance to work effectively. Additionally, Russia will fight until it is faced with overwhelming military power.
That moment, however, will only happen when state leaders stop pursuing delusional ideas of negotiations and concessions in Ukraine as a means to stop Russia’s war against the West.

Russo-Ukrainian war, day 103: Russian general Kutuzov reportedly killed in Donbas, battle for Sievierodonetsk rages


  1. “Russia will fight until it is faced with overwhelming military power.”
    Inescapable fact. Ukraine must be transformed into a global military superpower in double quick time.

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  2. “The ripple effects of the war are increasing by the day and will at one stage threaten European stability, security, and prosperity.”
    There are still too many marshmallows in politics. They have not awakened to the hard, cold facts about a pariah state called Russia, who is not interested in dialogue, or Golden Bridges or anything else short of Ukraine itself. Many of Europe’s problems are self-inflicted. It’s more than high time to face reality and to act accordingly. This most certainly includes helping Ukraine defeat the crime syndicate and its horde of criminals, murdering, raping, destroying and pillaging in the country.

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