Ukrainian fighters showed how they hit the occupiers from improvised MLRS on pickup trucks

Violetta Orlova 08:34, 06.06.22 YHIAH

The system uses S-8 missiles and is designed to destroy enemy equipment and manpower from the air.

Ukrainian fighters use MLRS on pickup trucks / photo @Special Kherson Cat
Ukrainian fighters use MLRS on pickup trucks / photo @Special Kherson Cat

Photos appeared on the web with improvised multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) , which some Ukrainian units use against the invaders.

 Militarny writes about this  with reference to the Twitter user “Special Kherson Cat”, who claims that they were made by his friend from video

The improvised Ukrainian multiple launch rocket system, among other things, has additional stabilization and control system inside the pickup itself. 

The system uses S-8 missiles, which are produced with several types of warheads. Aviation unguided missiles have a caliber of 80 mm and are designed to destroy enemy equipment and manpower from the air.

photo @Special Kherson Cat
photo @Special Kherson Cat

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian artillerymen began training on the use of HIMARS and M270 . As Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov notes, “the decision to provide HIMARS and M270 is the first step for Ukraine and a huge leap in the issue of deterring Russian aggression.”

Recall that  the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue a successful counteroffensive in the south of the country. According to Arestovich ‘s forecasts, the Ukrainian army will be able to fully go on the counteroffensive  after Western weapons arrive in sufficient quantities. In terms of pace, this is the second half of July or August.


      • Very interesting. I agree with his assumptions that the occupied meat puppets are supposed to die along with Ukrainians. They had no military intel either. Plus killing the L/DNR will support the propaganda that Ukraine is killing their own people. We should also remember the meat puppets were told they have to serve if they want a job, go to school or buy an apartment.

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  1. Praise God for the inventors! Saw how Ukrainians were making motorcycle battery packs to launch some AT systems for lack of backup batt blocks. Necessity is the mother of invention.

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