Ukraine wants to raise the status of the English language

Now the Cabinet of Ministers is working on a corresponding legislative initiative.

English is used in business communication all over the world / photo
English is used in business communication all over the world / photo

English can get the status of the language of business communication in Ukraine.

According to Prime Minister Denys Shmygal, this possibility was discussed today at a government meeting .

According to him, now the Cabinet of Ministers is working on a relevant legislative initiative.

“English is now used in business communication throughout the civilized world, so granting it such a status in Ukraine will help develop business, attract investment and accelerate Ukraine’s European integration,” Shmyhal said.

The Prime Minister specified that the relevant ministries were given the task to work out the proposals and draw up the relevant documents.

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  1. There is already a process in motion, in which English is replacing Russian as a second language. This is a natural development in other Eastern European countries. I’ve personally noticed that the older generations from Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic et al, speak Russian, but the younger generations do not. They generally speak English or German, instead of Russian.

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    • Absolutely. It has been wonderful to witness the transition to English since the Orange revolution. The younger generation stepped right up and substituted Russian for English. Then Euromaidan happened and the transition got another boost.
      Now you can speak with security and staff at airports, bus stations and train stations and they all speak English. Before it was all Russian, even in L’viv!

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