Ministry of Defence says Armed Forces of Ukraine indifferent to changes of Russian military leaders

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine says that the change of Russian military chiefs does not affect the tactics of the Russian Federation army: the invaders have acted and continue to act exclusively in a barbaric way.

Source: Spokesman of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Colonel Oleksandr Motuzianyk, answering questions from journalists at a briefing on 6 June

Details: Journalists asked whether the death of Russian Major-General Roman Kutuzov would mean any changes in the enemy’s tactics. According to Motuzianyk, the enemy has chosen a strategy of total destruction since the beginning of the war and is adhering to it.

Direct speech: “This will not change anything, the Russian army operates in a barbaric way, regardless of who leads it. The Russian Federation Army is fighting in a way that we fully understand: in direct clashes with Ukrainian servicemen, they have almost no chance.

There are trained special forces there … but mostly the Russian infantry has no chance in battles with our motivated and experienced professional servicemen.

Therefore, the Russian side destroys everything with artillery, and then the infantry “heroically” comes in, so who is to lead on what fronts does not make a great difference to the Ukrainian army.”


  1. “…the invaders have acted and continue to act exclusively in a barbaric way”

    The mafia army has no tactics. It has no competent leaders that can create a tactic. Instead, it has corrupt, incompetent morons in the military, who, like everyone else in mafia land high enough on the ladder, seek personal riches and gratifications. The Rolex on the wrist is much more important than decent boots or helmets for the troops. This incompetency is glaringly visible in this war. And, this is a truth, regardless who is in charge.

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