Kremlin tries to sell grain stolen in Ukraine to African countries – NYT

Because of the urgent need, many African countries can buy stolen grain without hesitation.

The Kremlin is trying to sell grain stolen in Ukraine to African countries / photo REUTERS
The Kremlin is trying to sell grain stolen in Ukraine to African countries / photo REUTERS

The Kremlin is trying to profit by selling wheat stolen from Ukraine to drought-stricken countries in Africa, some of which could face famine.

This is stated in the material of the American edition of The New York Times .

In mid-May, the United States sent out a warning to 14 countries, mostly in Africa, that Russian cargo ships were leaving ports near Ukraine with “stolen Ukrainian grain.” Three Russian cargo ships have been named as being suspected of carrying the stolen goods. 

U.S. officials have confirmed that these are countries in northern and eastern Africa, as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

“The United States is working with other countries to prevent the sale of grain that was likely stolen from Ukraine,” a State Department official said.

Already, many African countries are ambivalent about the punitive Western sanctions campaign against Russia. 

Russia and Ukraine typically provide about 40% of Africa’s wheat demand. Grain prices in Africa rose 23% last year, a devastating drought left 17 million people starving, mostly in parts of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, according to the UN.

Faced with such an urgent need, many African countries are unlikely to hesitate to buy Russian-supplied grain, no matter where it comes from, said Hassan Hannenje, director of the HORN International Institute for Strategic Studies, a think tank in Kenya.

“It’s not a dilemma. Africans don’t care where they get their food from, and if anyone is going to moralize about it, they’re wrong. The need for food is so urgent that they don’t need to discuss it,” Hannenje said.

Over the weekend, several African officials refused to discuss the US warning about stolen Ukrainian grain.

Machariya Kamau, chief secretary of the Kenyan Foreign Ministry, denied that Kenya had received any reports. 

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  1. It’s more than high time for Africa to curb its population growth. Clearly, it is not able to feed itself anymore. Without outside help, millions will starve to death. Not only that, but much more of its environment will get destroyed as the population continues to explode.

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  2. It’s time these ships were arrested, it’s nothing but piracy. The ships can then be sent to these countries and payment made to it’s rightful owner. Or just sink the fuckers. Africa supports Putler, so why the fuck should Ukraine feed them?

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