Kadyrov, the deputy commander of the special regiment, was wounded in Zaporizhia

The Armed Forces successfully attacked the enemy’s firing point and forced the Kadyrovites to flee.

A high-ranking Kadyrov member was wounded in Ukraine / screenshot

Ukrainian soldiers wounded the deputy commander of the special regiment. Akhmat Kadyrov, Lieutenant Colonel Mezhed Utsmigov (call sign “Mujahideen”).

This was reported today, June 6, Telegram-channel Baza .

According to preliminary data, Mujahideen was wounded on June 2 in the village of Kamyshevakha, Zaporizhia region, due to successful shelling by the Armed Forces.

“Mujahideen” with soldiers of the Chechen special regiment at the time of injury was in an ambush in one of Kamyshevakha’s houses. The occupiers set up a firing point there to cover the passage of another group of invaders.

The lair of the occupiers was covered by Ukrainian artillery. “Kadyrivets” and his subordinates managed to run out of the house, but were wounded in the leg and received a concussion.

Regiment of Special Police named after Akhmat Kadyrov’s Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Chechen Republic reports to the Russian Interior Ministry and is based in Grozny.

As UNIAN reported earlier, someone from the top of the Russian Federation was liquidated as a result of a successful attack by Ukrainian artillery in the occupied estuary of Donetsk region occupied by the occupiers . Information about the wounding of the leader of the “DPR” militants Pushylin needs clarification.



  1. I hope the injury will get infected, which there is a good chance, seeing the poor medical situation of the cockroach army, and this war criminal will meet his Allah in hell.

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