Full-scale war – intermediate results: Russia suffers a strategic defeat, but our victory is still far away (Editor-in-Chief column)  

It is the 3029th day of the Russian-Ukrainian war, of which one hundred and two fell on a full-scale invasion.

Tens of thousands of dead, probably under a hundred thousand injured, millions left homeless, millions of internally displaced persons and refugees. Separated families. Colossal destruction, convulsing economy. Destroyed cultural heritage.

Yes, Ukraine pays a terrible price for maintaining independence. blood price…  

But our state is alive. The nation has rallied, accepted the challenge and gives a worthy rebuff to the totalitarian monster into which the Russian Federation has degenerated.

And the monster loses. This is not only about the military aspect, although it is, of course, very important: the mere fact that Nazi Russia moderated its appetites in just three months from “denazifying and demilitarizing the whole of Ukraine” to “taking Severodonetsk and, if possible, Slavyansk” , says a lot. The “Second Army of the World” naturally “couldn’t.” She retained all the shortcomings of the Soviet – poor communications, poor management, poor logistics, lack of initiative at all levels. Yes, the equipment is more modern, in the ranks, in addition to disenfranchised conscript slaves, there are also contract soldiers, but that’s all. This is still the same red horde, formidable in parades, but hardly able to fight on an equal footing with the armies of NATO countries. If the Ukrainian Defense Forces have become a problem for her, then what will happen when the Russian Armed Forces meet with the Americans? Exactly.  

The Putinites hoped to demonstrate their crushing power to the whole world, they planned a “blitzkrieg of blitzkriegs”, Kyiv in three days and all that, but it turned out … Well, you understand.  

As a result, Moscow is rapidly losing its weight in the geopolitical arena. The inability to cope with “some” (in the eyes of many) Ukraine is a signal to the whole world: Akela missed! The state, which imagines itself an empire and a superpower equal to the United States, turned out to be a colossus with feet of clay. What is the throw to the English Channel and the landing near Washington? For starters, conquer Kurulka in the Kharkov region!

All interested parties took note of the fact of Russia’s weakness, and I predict that in the near future Putin’s under-empire will, so to speak, be “bitten” in all parts of the globe, which she considers to be her sphere of interests. And this entertaining process starts, apparently, in Syria.

And then the economic sanctions will really work. And the abyss will open up… Of course, the final collapse is still far away – the regimes in the same Iran and North Korea, despite the sanctions, still exist perfectly, poisoning the lives of near and far neighbors. However, I am sure that the safety margin of the Russian Federation is much less than that of the mentioned states. Russian totalitarianism is tied to one person – it has neither institutions and ideology, as in Iran, nor succession to the throne, as in the DPRK.

And yet the colossus will not collapse tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. I’m afraid it won’t collapse in a year. And therefore there is a logical question about our victory. What is considered as such? And when will she come?

Personally, I consider it a victory that the aggressor’s strategic offensive operation failed. That Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa were not taken. That the Armed Forces are not defeated and continue to fight. And they are not just holding the line, but in some places they are already going on the counteroffensive, freeing the occupied Ukrainian territories.

But what’s next? War inevitably comes to a positional impasse. Another month at most, and both armies will stop and begin to burrow into the ground. Will the Ukrainian soldiers be able to strike back in order to throw the occupiers out of our land, as the absolute majority of Ukrainians demand? But some hotheads are already talking about the need to fight until the complete defeat of Nazi Russia – they say, the victory parade will be in captured Moscow …

It must be understood that even reaching the line on February 24, 2022 will require Ukraine to put all its efforts to the limit and to concentrate resources to the maximum. New waves of mobilization – I want to note that so far it is taking place in a relatively benign mode, not like during the world wars. Perhaps it will require the transfer of industry and agriculture to a military footing. Western aid, alas, is not enough to destroy Putin’s horde, you need to produce your own weapons, and in large quantities. And someone will have to do this – it is possible that yesterday’s merchandisers and journalists, if they are not taken to the front.

And yes, we have not yet fully felt all the consequences of the war for the economy. Empty shops, a rationing system, scheduled water and electricity supply – this is a very realistic scenario for the future if the war drags on.

It will affect everyone in one way or another. It will affect lifestyle, prosperity, health. And many will be taken forever.

Yes, Russia will definitely lose. She had a chance to win in 2014, but Moscow missed it – not without our help, of course. And now there is no chance.

But our victory is still far off. The words of Winston Churchill, spoken by him before the House of Commons in 1940, are never relevant now: “I offer you only blood, work, tears and sweat.” We will have to go this way to the end, because we have no right not to win!

Author – Oleg Konstantinov, editor-in-chief of Dumskaya

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. “It must be understood that even reaching the line on February 24, 2022 will require Ukraine to put all its efforts to the limit and to concentrate resources to the maximum.”
    As the cockroach army bleeds, and its morale erodes further, things will only get easier. There will come a point in the near future, when the mafia army will simply fade away, so-to-speak.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Wow, the foreign legion is kicking ass there!
        I hope it doesn’t take another year to get the filth off Ukraine. I can’t imagine the children putin has sent forth would last a year let alone his rusty T-62s. Then there is the economy and people leaving putin’s toilet left and right. Besides that, I am very worried about winter in Ukraine already. I hope West Ukraine is preparing now.

        Liked by 2 people

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