Britain will provide Ukraine with multiple launch rocket systems M270

Ivan Boyko 08:15, 06.06.22 YHIAH

Britain’s support for Ukraine is changing as Russian tactics evolve.

Britain will provide weapons to Ukraine / photo
Britain will provide weapons to Ukraine / photo

The UK will provide Ukraine with M270 multiple launch rocket systems that can hit targets up to 80km away.

This was stated by Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, writes  Reuters .

Wallace said Britain’s support for Ukraine is changing as Russian tactics evolve.

“These high-performance multiple launch rocket systems will enable our Ukrainian friends to better defend themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery that Putin’s forces have used indiscriminately to destroy cities,” the minister said.

The provision of the M270 systems is agreed with the United States, as they are manufactured by an American company and formal permission from Washington is required for transfer to a third party.

Britain has said Ukrainian troops will be trained to use the new launchers in Britain, after previously announcing they would be training Ukrainian personnel to use armored vehicles.

Recall, earlier it was reported that  Ukrainian artillerymen began exercises on the use of HIMARS and M270 .


  1. Great!
    But it’s really the very least you can do Boris and Biden. And it should have come a hell of a lot quicker.
    Kherson has been under the occupation of orc fiends since the beginning of putler’s Holocaust. Consequently, the vitally important Mykolaiv has been on the end of shelling every day since then. Schools, kindergartens, museums, offices, churches and of course apartment complexes have been repeatedly hit; to deliberately murder innocent civilians and children.
    In addition to shelling, it has been hit from sub-launched cruise missiles and bomber aircraft.
    Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kyiv need to be fortified and armed to the fucking teeth before it’s too late.

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  2. Thank you, once again, UK! One of Ukraine’s staunchest friends and supporters. The UK will have played a vital part in helping Ukraine’s victory and shall never be forgotten!

    “Britain has said Ukrainian troops will be trained to use the new launchers in Britain…”
    Ukrainian troops are being trained in other countries and in Ukraine itself. I wonder how many there are and what all they’re being trained for. I know that this is confidential info, but I wonder anyway. I also wonder when they will be ready for action, if they are being fed into the fighting as they finish training or are used as trainers.

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  3. Be nice if Ukraine got THAAD and or Iron Dome also. Unfortunately people are skittish to supply upper end items for fear of it falling into enemy hands, as well as the mistaken belief that it would take longer than reality to train Ukrainians on those systems.

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