The EU explained how they will replace Russian gas

Thierry Breton said that Putin is openly trying to divide the European Union.

The EU has developed a plan to phase out Russian gas / photo
The EU has developed a plan to phase out Russian gas / photo ua.

The European Union, as part of the rejection of Russian gas, will increase purchases of liquefied “blue fuel” in the United States and Qatar. The EU also plans to increase the capacity of green energy.

This was stated by European Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton on the Europe 1/CNews TV video

“We will have to get rid of Russian gas as soon as possible and restore our autonomy, because Vladimir Putin does not like the European project. He tried to divide us with his Sputnik vaccine, which did not work, he did everything to interfere in our democracy with with the help of Russia Today, and now he is using gas to precisely divide us,” the European politician said.

He noted that about 45% of gas in the EU in 2021 came from the Russian Federation. According to him, the European Union has already developed a plan to phase out Russian gas, because 155 billion cubic meters a year are imported from the Russian Federation.

“This new plan will include 50 bcm of LNG imports from the US or Qatar, an additional 10 bcm on existing pipelines, offshore wind turbine acceleration and photovoltaic panels representing 25 bcm,” Breton explained.

He also does not rule out the restart of coal-fired power plants.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I’ve never of American “blue fuel,” but I’d also admit to a lack of complete understanding about American energy. Perhaps hydrocarbons? So far as I’ve understood up to now, hydrocarbons could only be harvested from deep water pressures on the seafloor. There may be some innovations I’m not aware of in that, or it may be something else entirely. The “blue” may refer to a different type of energy.

    Whatever my ignorance of American energy, I have heard about a company in my own local region (based in Tigard, Oregon) that may have made significant improvements for nuclear power. There’s something called SMRs (Small Modular Reactors) that, based on the physical sizes described, I think were designed for use on American naval submarines. They’re supposed to be incredibly safe compared to most nuclear reactor designs used on land, and have mechanical failsafes that automatically shut down the reactor before meltdowns can happen. I’d understand why Ukraine would be reluctant to trust nuclear after what happened to Chernobyl, but that was because the soviets were using a flawed design along with improper safety rules. If it’s not from Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, or any other tyranny, then I fully approve! Even if my approval or disapproval doesn’t mean much online, as an average middle class American, I still should encourage towards what sounds good. I think we all generally know what sounds bad from Russia.

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  2. Damned spam filter. I’d posted a comment about a nuclear power option. I don’t know what “Blue fuel” is, or what that means from America. Please look up “Small Modular Reactors” or “SMRs.”

    I think I know about them only because there’s a locally based company in my region that makes them.

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    • These SMRs are supposed to be incredibly safe because of mechanical failsafes that automatically halt meltdowns before they can become a full disaster, and they’re able to fit inside a building the size of a typical apartment tower.

      I think they were designed for use in American naval submarines, based on the size, and the required failsafes.

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