PMC “Wagner” extracts gold for the Kremlin in Africa, trying to save the Russian economy – NYT

“Wagnerites” can help Russia increase its gold and foreign exchange reserves.

"Wagnerites" appeared in Africa in 2017 / photo REUTERS
“Wagnerites” appeared in Africa in 2017 / photo REUTERS

PMC “Wagner” produces gold for Russia in Africa. So the Kremlin can try to escape from the sanctions, which hit the economy of the aggressor country hard. “Wagnerites” can help Russia increase its gold and foreign exchange reserves.

This is reported in a new investigation by the New York Times.

According to journalists, not far from the capital of Sudan is a plant, which is “dominated by a mysterious foreign entrepreneur.” Locals claim that a “Russian company” is engaged in gold mining there. 

In fact, Sudanese companies and government reports show that the gold mine is one of the outposts of the Wagner Group, an opaque network of Russian mercenaries, mining companies and political influence operations controlled by a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Wagner PMC, the investigation notes, has become not only a source of manpower for killers and mercenaries. Now the company has become a “sophisticated tool” of the Kremlin authorities, thanks to which the Russian Federation earns money and replenishes its gold and foreign exchange reserves.

“Wagnerites” appeared in Africa in 2017, when the Russian Federation intervened in the conflict and took the side of the then President of Sudan, Omar Hassan al-Bashir. In return, Putin, according to media reports, received access to gold deposits.

The dictator accepted this proposal. After the visit of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Meroe Gold company appeared in the Russian Federation. This company paid for the flights of Russian geologists to Sudan. Meroe Gold was headed by Mikhail Potepkin, known as the organizer of the Kremlin’s “troll factory”. Soon, the “Wagnerites” also arrived in Sudan, who took control of gold mining.

Documents show Wagner secured lucrative mining concessions in Sudan that produce gold, potentially boosting the Kremlin’s $130 billion gold holdings.

The Kremlin, according to the publication, wants to build a naval base in the Red Sea. Putin allegedly plans to station his nuclear-powered ships there, and the Wagner PMC is helping the Kremlin to carry out such plans. To do this, mercenaries intervene in civil wars and internecine conflicts.

Evgeny Prigozhin, who is called the “cook” of Putin and the founders of Wagner, refuses to admit his involvement both in the PMC itself and in gold mining in Africa. However, as the journalists found out, it is the “Wagnerites” who are connected with a network of front companies through which the Kremlin mines gold and tries to save the ruble from sanctions by secretly replenishing the gold and foreign exchange reserves.

Earlier, UNIAN already reported that the Russian military, according to The Sun, could stage a coup and kill Putin because of the failure in the war.

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  1. Well, I also have real gold bullion myself, and not only putin will NEVER receive, but NONE of my bullion purchases help Russia. I’d even considered donating it to Ukraine for the war effort, but it’s still only 17.35 grams in total. I have another 2.5 grams on the way soon too. I’d like to recommend this as an easy way to buy gold, it’s bought with monthly payments as a subscription, you get a email each time a payment is made. Once it’s reached the threshold payment total, you get emailed the notice of its status in shipping. So far, they haven’t failed to send me my gold, though my postal service made a mistake on their end at one point. I still got that shipment though, after the mistake was cleared up. They’d mentioned they have a lot more customers than they expected for this year, so the shipping office has a backlog, but I’m still getting my gold!

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  2. Wagner/Prigozhin is doing the same thing in the C.A.R. and getting away with it so why would Vladolf stop? He promises to arm and train the African nations but in exchange they have to allow the ruSSia to build military bases and take all the gold and diamonds they can find. So they enslave the Africans to extract the treasure while the Wagners terrorize the population for sport.

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    • Yes, communist china is doing the same thing, which is part of why I think eventually they’re going to fight each other for control of their “vassal” states, and the resources those territories hold.

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