“Personal mental problems”: the speaker of the Hungarian parliament spoke sharply about Zelensky

Laszlo Kever also believes that after the war, Ukrainian Hungarians may face problems.

Laszlo Kever saw "mental problems" in Zelensky / photo from UNIAN, Janos Nemes
Laszlo Kever saw “mental problems” in Zelensky / photo from UNIAN, Janos Nemes

Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament Laszlo Kever spoke sharply against the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky because of his harsh appeals for help to our country in the fight against Russian aggression, seeing “mental problems” in them.

Kever stated this in a comment to the Hungarian edition 444.hu.

He noted that he does not remember in international politics that the leader of a country that needs help “raised his voice against someone” as Zelensky does, as, for example, in appeals to Hungary or to the German chancellor.

“Usually, someone who needs help asks for it politely – persistently, but asks, and does not demand or threaten. Usually they threaten enemies, and not at all those with whom they want to be friends. There are some personal mental problems here,” he said. Hungarian parliamentarian.

He also believes that after the war Ukrainian Hungarians may face problems. “We have to be very careful… The Hungarian minority may have to leave Ukraine,” Kever added.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Hungary and its Moscow sock puppets have nothing of interest to say. Might as well watch/read RT and Sputnik. I’ll go and watch my grass grow now, that’s more exiting…

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  2. These idiots just dig a deeper grave. It’s unfortunate that the Hungarian people through their political choices support rape, terror, genocide, complete destruction of a society. How does someone show these people that the horrors being inflicted being are met by silence or worst, apathy. Oh well, fuckem and the horse they rode in on.

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