“New World Order” conspiracy kremkrapp

Warning : the following is pure propaganda.

New World Order 2.0 is Inevitable

World Affairs – Non-Partisan and Objective

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Lisa Y “Think Globally, Act Locally”

“The attack on Russia is the biggest geopolitical gamble in America’s history. If it succeeds, America will be the indisputable hegemon of the world, leading to a truly one-world government. On the other hand, if it fails, the American Century and the U.S. dollar’s status as the global currency will collapse unceremoniously.

Meanwhile, anti-American forces like China, Russia, and Iran are getting stronger. Even vassal states like Saudi Arabia are now starting to rebel, daring to sell oil for Yuan. Thus, something has to be done.

Plan A: Contain China

The US tried to contain and decouple from China during the Trump administration but that failed miserably.

The next option would be to isolate China by pulling Russia away from China’s orbit.

Plan B: Crush Russia, Strengthen Dollar

Instead, the U.S. went for the jugular, trying to “cancel” Russia & turn Putin into another Kim Kong Un, a global pariah. This astounding strategy must have been planned for a long time, since in a matter of days, almost every Western corporation ended its relations with Russia. The West cut off Russia from SWIFT – the global financial system – and stole more than half of Russia’s hard-earned foreign exchange reserves. It’s a bit surprising that Russia didn’t start bombing Europe and the U.S. (These are the kinds of provocations that led Japan to attack Pearl Harbor).

If you look at which countries are America’s enemies, they all have one thing in common: They don’t have U.S. military bases. They have independent foreign policies, independent media etc. If you’re a country that is free from Facebook, Coca Cola, Goldman Sachs, and Lockheed Martin, you will be enemy #1.

What’ next?

Putin seems safe in Russia. He will win the war in Ukraine & probably chop up Ukraine in half. The eastern half will become a new country or will get absorbed into Russia. Securing Crimea & Black Sea is a matter of survival for Russia. He’ll then start to negotiate with Europe.

China will protect Russia

As for China, it won’t let Russia collapse. If Putin gets replaced by an American puppet, the 6000+ Russian nukes will be pointed at China and not at the US & there will be missile defense systems on Russia-China border. Without Russia, China’s future will be very shaky.

If Russia falls, the entire world has to accept America as the supreme leader of the world. It will be unipolar moment 2.0 on steroids.

NWO & Uncertain Future

If the West wins, we will have a totalitarian nightmare of one world government, one world currency, and one world technocracy (WEF Great Reset). America’s absurd and dysfunctional social engineering will be shoved down the throats of people worldwide as well.

There is no going back now. The globalists have started WW3, which has been so far limited to economic and financial warfare.

There will be a New World Order 2.0. There will be vicious struggles to determine the future of all nations.”


  1. Robin Horsfall posted a comment in reply to this : “DRIVEL!”

    Right on Robin!

    The reader can see from this kremkrapp how it influences the far right, far left and even the mainstream. Weak-minded people are highly susceptible. As are malevolent, psychotic misfits, of which there are plenty.

    There is a far right politician in Britain called Paul Weston. He has a huge disqus following and comments on a wide range of issues; including Russia and Ukraine. He has established links with far right scum in places like Hungary, Germany, Holland (Geert Wilders is an ally), France (Le Pen) and of course America (Trump, Carlson, the Pauls, all the usual suspects).
Weston is urbane, polite, well educated and wrong about almost everything. When I first engaged him, he claimed, just as the alt-right do, that putler is some kind of Lord Protector, tasked with the job of defending Christianity in Europe and therefore someone to admire. Those who oppose him are simply “globalist puppets of the new world order” and other conspiracy crap from the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke (both huge putlerites btw).
In my view the best way to counter such dangerous arseholes is to lock them up. But failing that, the GOP-supporting evangelists of the US, who love Israel, need to be brought on board. They need to understand that Ukraine also is an important and holy place that must be protected in exactly the same way as Israel. If they had the same devotion to Ukraine that they have for Israel, it would make a huge difference.

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  2. I’ve noticed, the longer a propaganda post is, the more fallacies it contains, and the level of fallacies varies. These are the only logical conclusions you can reach when reading such despicable junk.
    I gotta go and wash out my eyes now and get a breath of fresh air…

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