Kremlin Puppet from Crimea Offers Gauleiter Genichesk to “Squeeze” Gas Stations from Locals (audio)

The invaders want to appropriate regional gas stations in order to sell fuel imported from the occupied Crimea.

In the occupied Genichesk, the invaders are squeezing local businesses / photo from UNIAN
In the occupied Genichesk, the invaders are squeezing local businesses / photo from UNIAN

The occupying “authority” of the Kherson region is “squeezing” private business from local entrepreneurs. The invaders are so insolent that they want to appropriate regional gas stations and sell fuel brought from the annexed Crimea there.

This is evidenced by a conversation intercepted by the SBU .

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During the conversation, Gauleiter Genichesk Gennady Sivak negotiates with the so-called adviser to the “chairman” of the occupied Crimea, Rustem Nimetullayev.

Nimetullaev suggested to Sivak that he use regional gas stations, since no one uses them yet. He declares that the laws of the so-called “special operation” can be used by them.

“If it is possible to work through abandoned gas stations, today no one carries gasoline there? No! Well, according to the laws of the special operation, you can use them. We import, drain and sell,” the occupier from Crimea said.

At the same time, he promised that he would take over the organization of work and deliver gasoline.

The genius “Gauleiter” willingly agrees with the proposal, but is imbued with the idea that “the loot is not taken away from under his nose …”, because he does not want to be left without additional “earnings”.

“Well, you need the staff… You understand what the problem is?! Lavandos, how? That is, I need to organize a collection, an audit, so that they don’t purse anything …”, says the collaborator.

“So the ideas” of the “ruZZ world” are designed only for the audience of RosTV. And they need Ukrainian territories to plunder our country on an industrial scale,” the SBU said. occupation authorities in the Kherson region “squeeze” private business from local entrepreneurs – SBU interception

Earlier, UNIAN wrote that in the Kherson region in the occupied Genichesk, the military of the Russian Federation would pay “pensions” to local residents in rubles. People receive cash on hand, but immediately convert it into hryvnia.

The city has been under the control of Russian troops almost from the very beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite this, the locals put up great resistance to the invaders. In March, residents of Genichesk  burned down the military registration and enlistment office, where the Russian military was stationed .

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  1. Glad to see that Genichesk residents know what a Russian military “recruitment” office means. I’m not surprised that they’re exchanging the rubles for hryvnias, because the hryvnia is worth more.

    I wish the spelling of Hryvnia was easier for me though, I keep having to get the correct spelling from looking it up on the internet. I’m sure that when I marry Liudmila, she will help me learn a lot of her language as I also help her with English. I also look forward to helping her continuing her legal career here in America, she’s probably going to need certification for the attorney qualifications here.

  2. Mafia land sure doesn’t waste any time to get the areas it steals down to its own, low and crime-ridden level. In other words, to turn anything it has into a shithole.

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