“Killed her”: the pastor saved the lives of many residents of Mariupol, but did not save his daughter

He, along with other chaplains and volunteers, evacuated more than 1,200 Mariupol residents.

The man lost his only own daughter / Screenshot

Pastor Gennady Mokhnenko survived the real hell of the occupation in Mariupol, Donetsk region. He managed to get the pupils of his rehabilitation center out of the city, but he could not save his own daughter – the Russians killed her.

As he told in the TSN story, the Russians called his center for teenagers a “Nazi base”.

“What happened to my hometown is genocide, no doubt. They turned my city into a graveyard,” says the pastor.

Mokhnenko’s rehabilitation center is now destroyed, the Russian commandant’s office is in his house, the invaders are sleeping in the beds of his children.

“I had 35 adopted children, but I could not return and take out one of my daughters, they killed her,” says Gennady.

Now the priest is going on a two-week trip to Europe and the United States to tell the world about the horrors of what happened in Mariupol.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. RuZZians want this war. They want Ukrainians dead and they want Ukrainian land. They are delighted to have a genocidal dictator to carry out their wishes to the letter.

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