Kidnapping, looting, humanitarian crisis: the mayor of Energodar on the situation in the city

June 4 marks exactly three months since Energodar is under occupation.

The occupiers artificially exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the city / photo: social networks
The occupiers artificially exacerbate the humanitarian crisis in the city / photo: social networks

The mayor of Energodar , Dmitry Orlov, spoke about the situation in the city three months after the beginning of the Russian occupation.

He noted that June 4 marked exactly three months since Energodar was under occupation. Orlov stressed that the physical and psychological pressure on citizens has intensified, in particular, the number of kidnappings of Energodar residents has increased markedly.

“Not only activists, ATO members and those who resisted at the checkpoint during the capture of Energodar are thrown into the basements. Now the logic of the abductions cannot be traced at all, because it does not exist. Ordinary citizens who in no way belong to the above categories are captured. People will be held captive for weeks,” the mayor said.

He also reported an increase in looting, mostly empty apartments, whose owners left the city. Orlov noted that valuables are taken out of the apartments, and the doors are simply broken.

In addition, Orlov noted that the invaders artificially exacerbate the humanitarian crisis.

“Long-term blocking of the Internet in the city leads to the fact that it is almost impossible to pay by bank transfer in shops and retail outlets. There are very few shops left where you can pay by terminal with a bank card. This also requires a stable connection,” said the mayor of Energodar , emphasizing that due to the lack of mobile Internet or its poor quality, waiting for payment sometimes takes up to 15-20 minutes per customer. As a result, there are huge queues under the few shops where you can somehow still pay by card.

According to him, the residents of Energodar have almost no cash.

“The percentage for withdrawing funds has grown again. There are such offers, but the demand is many times greater. And preference is given to those who are trying to cash out significant amounts. In parallel, double price tags appeared in many retail outlets and on the market – in hryvnia and in rubles “, – said Orlov.

Also, according to him, the cost of food, household chemicals and everything necessary for life is exorbitant, only seasonal vegetables are cheap, which simply do not have other markets.

“Russian medicines began to appear in the city. It seemed that this was a necessity and not a reason for discussion. But if medicines weren’t sold right on the street, in the market, all day long under the hellish sun, without observing any norms for storing medicines. Therefore, in Energodar, as it was, there is still a huge demand for Ukrainian medicines, but it is becoming more and more difficult to deliver them to the city,” the mayor of Energodar wrote.

He notes that the propaganda channels of the Russian Federation write that it is the Ukrainian side that blocks mobile communications and the Internet, but in fact the occupiers are preparing people to switch to communications from Russian mobile operators and providers. However, according to Orlov, there is currently no such possibility in Energodar, even technically.

“Against the background of everything that has been happening for three months and continues to happen, the level of support for the Russian Federation, even among those citizens who previously showed a neutral position, is rapidly falling. The personnel problems of the occupiers have not been resolved either, but only intensified,” the mayor of Energodar concludes.

Recall that the Russian invaders found a new Gauleiter Energodar.

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