Drinking water in Mariupol: Line two days in advance, only on list

Drinking water in Mariupol: Line two days in advance, only on list

05.06.2022 09:57

To get drinking water in Mariupol, residents need to register in a line about two days in advance.

“To get drinking water, now you have to register in a line. The line is two days at least. That is, now drinking water is available every two days at best. The main reason is falling water levels in natural sources of water intake,” Petro Andriushchenko, adviser to Mariupol mayor, posted on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

A further decline in water supplies due to the summer heat is expected, he noted.

According to Andriushchenko, invaders have also reduced the distribution of humanitarian aid in Mariupol. Now it is given exclusively to seniors. “All the rest must work. The ‘food for work’ practice has been restored,” he noted.

The adviser to the mayor added that young people were forced to help mobile patrols, including to conduct filtration activities. For refusal, they are threatened with mobilization to the “DPR” army.

“Mariupol is being purposefully and systematically transformed into a ghetto for Ukrainians,” Andriushchenko added.

Mariupol experiences one of the biggest humanitarian disasters caused by Russia’s aggression. The city has been virtually destroyed by Russian attacks.

Now Mariupol has no normal power, water, and gas supply. Up to 22,000 civilians have been killed since the Russian invasion began. Today, almost 150,000 people stay in the blocked city.

Mariupol is now on the verge of environmental and infectious disasters.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Perhaps this suggestion isn’t good enough, but using a charcoal filter (without added barbecue fuel) will remove a lot of contamination from water and air. The carbon soaks up pollutants because its atoms bond so readily with nearly everything, that’s why life is “carbon-based,” because biology needs a lot of molecular connections that don’t work otherwise.

    Maybe the blackened remnants of burnt wood is enough after put into a series of screen meshes.

    I’ve also bought something on Amazon called a “life-straw.” It’s made of a material that’s porous for letting water through, but has no holes big enough for dangerous microbes to pass in. I’d seen videos of this brilliant invention where the user simply needed to walk up to a typical muddy pond or stream, put the one end in the water, and suck the mouthpiece, no water purification tablets needed!

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