Daily news on Russia’s war against Ukraine. A special release by Euromaidan Press

Russo-Ukrainian war, day 101: Sievierodonetsk unseized as Ukraine puts up a fight despite overwhelming Russian artillery


  1. I’m afraid this makes somber and bleak reading. A LOT more help is needed for the defenders. The following passage is depressing :

    “Kherson Oblast: no signs of a continuation of the Ukrainian offensive Forces in the direction of Nova Kakhovka. On the way of Ukrainian troops lies Bruskynske, which the Russians have turned into a strong stronghold. It seems that Ukraine has stopped preparing for further action.”

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  2. The fighting for Severodonetsk is the hot spot of the entire front, but my greatest interest lies in Kherson.
    So, according to Euromaidan Press, the Ukrainians have been stopped at Bruskynske, which is strongly fortified. But, this won’t stop the Ukrainian forces from proceeding, not for long. Brusynska is only a small village and lies in open, flat terrain. It’s anybody’s guess why the mafiosi have fortified this place. It’s not a good area to do so. The village to the north of it, Davydiv Brid, which Ukrainian troops have already passed, would have been much more suitable.

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