In Mariupol, occupiers take out corpses along with garbage to the landfill – Andriushchenko

Russian invaders demolish houses indiscriminately, trying to hide the real number of dead.

In Mariupol, tens of thousands of civilians died at the hands of the invaders / Photo by the hero of the interview with UNIAN
In Mariupol, tens of thousands of civilians died at the hands of the invaders / Photo by the hero of the interview with UNIAN

In Mariupol , the Russian invaders began to demolish houses indiscriminately.

This was announced by the adviser to the mayor Petr Andryushchenko .

“Yesterday, after the publication of data on the bodies of those who died under the rubble, the occupiers began direct demolition of houses without sorting the rubble,” he said.

According to him, the Russians are destroying evidence, not wasting time searching for the dead in broken houses. 

“Data on the new bodies of the dead cannot be obtained due to the fact that after the demolition everything is taken to the landfill of the Left Bank district. If there were corpses in the buildings, then they were unloaded along with the garbage at the landfill,” Andryushchenko said.

As UNIAN reported, according to the mayor of Mariupol, Vadim Boychenko, the Russian invaders, together with the separatists, completely destroyed almost 1,300 high-rise buildings in Mariupol, so the  real number of dead residents of the city may be many times more than the 22,000 voiced .

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. A mob has taken control of this brave city, infesting it with vile habits brought over from the crime syndicate called russia (lower case “r” is on purpose).

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      • There is a far right politician in Britain called Paul Weston. He has a huge disqus following and comments on a wide range of issues; including Russia and Ukraine. He has established links with far right scum in places like Hungary, Germany, Holland (Geert Wilders is an ally), France (Le Pen) and of course America (Trump, Carlson, the Pauls, all the usual suspects).
        Weston is urbane, polite, well educated and wrong about almost everything. When I first engaged him, he claimed, just as the alt-right do, that putler is some kind of Lord Protector, tasked with the job of defending Christianity in Europe and therefore someone to admire. Those who oppose him are simply “globalist puppets of the new world order” and other conspiracy crap from the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke (both huge putlerites btw).
        In my view the best way to counter such dangerous arseholes is to lock them up. But failing that, the GOP-supporting evangelists of the US, who love Israel, need to be brought on board. They need to understand that Ukraine also is an important and holy place that must be protected in exactly the same way as Israel. If they had the same devotion to Ukraine that they have for Israel, it would make a huge difference.

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      • It’s absurd to call mafia land a Christian country, especially with a rat like Kyrill, who is one of the filthiest mafiosi there.

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