From FB page; Pray for Ukraine

June 4

Jack Swindle

🇺🇦 Day 100 of the war in Ukraine!!!
The world gave up on Ukraine before the war began, thinking they would quickly fall to the evil tyrant and his elite army in 2 or 3 days. After 10 days the brave and resilient Ukrainian soldiers exposed the truth about the frail and disorganized Russian army. The rest of the world began to wonder. After 30 days the world started to pay attention more. After 40 days the Ukrainians had proven to the world they were serious about their freedom. After day 50 the people of Ukraine were becoming weary as many had been brutally abused and died at the hands of the Russian savages. Day 75 Ukrainians are still standing, and continuing to press on beyond human understanding. Now we have reached 100 days of torment, devastation, were 1000s and 10s upon 10s of thousands of people have died. How can some cowardly, selfish people want Ukraine to now come and negotiate and give up their land, their freedom and their identity! Do these people not realize that with the blood and lives the Ukrainians are actually fighting not only for their country, but for other democratic and freedom loving countries as well ? I’m so proud and impressed at the determination and fortitude of the Ukrainian people. It is extremely obvious that Ukraine and its people Do Not Want to be under Russian control. Why are there so many people who can’t understand this? I really feel sorry for them because they must not have any convictions that strong of their own. Pray for them. And please continue to pray for victory for the people of Ukraine! That they can have their country back and their land back, which was stolen from them. God bless Ukraine and bless America and all the freedom loving countries that are standing with Ukraine.


  1. Think of the most evil, depraved, savage serial murderers in history. Some of them are committed to memory. I won’t dignify these degenerates by naming them.
    Then imagine 180,000 filthy ghouls from a foetid nazi dictatorship invading a peaceful land and you you have the horror of putler’s
    God bless Ukraine and protect her from savages.

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  2. I’ve expressed many times already what I think about all those useless, selfishish Western politicians who would throw Ukraine under the next bus. It is so easy to speak a bunch of garbage when you are hundreds or thousands of miles away, in safety.
    I wish it were so easy to divert all those ruskie missiles and artillery shells directly at their homes, cities, infrastructure, day and night, and to put their boots on the ground in their lands instead, killing, raping, looting, kidnapping, torturing. Is it evil to wish that? No, it’s a natural human response to despicable, greedy, and hypocritical behavior … to their lackadaisical demeanor to a people suffering greatly.

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