Ukraine will increase opportunities for gas imports from Poland to 18 million cubic meters per day, – Makogon 


The GTS of Ukraine operator is working to increase the guaranteed capacity for gas transportation from Poland, which could potentially reach 18 million cubic meters per day.

This was announced by the company’s CEO Serhiy Makogon in an interview with Ukrinform.

“Currently we can import more than 4 million cubic meters per day from Poland. However, we are working with the Polish side to increase the guaranteed capacity of natural gas transportation in the direction Poland-Ukraine. Potentially guaranteed capacity at the Poland-Ukraine connection could be 6.6 billion cubic meters / year or 18 million cubic meters per day, “Makogon said.

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He noted that after the launch of the Poland-Slovakia interconnector, Ukraine will be able to import from Poland through Slovakia almost 13 million cubic meters of fuel per day (4.7 billion cubic meters per year).

According to Makogon, today the possibilities of daily gas imports are comparable to the volume of Ukrainian gas production and amount to 54 million cubic meters. In particular, from January 1, Ukraine will have the capacity to import 8 million cubic meters per day from Hungary. Initially, this project was designed for three months, but due to its success, the OGTSU and the Hungarian company FGSZ extended it until March 31, 2023.

In addition, from March 4, Ukraine can import 15 million cubic meters of gas per day from Slovakia.

“We have worked purposefully and are working to increase the guaranteed capacity for gas imports, even in the absence of transit. If only suppliers could use these opportunities. At present, the import of imported gas is not yet physically pumped,” Makogon said.

He also said that the OGTSU is working on the possibility of supplying gas from Greece and Turkey through the Trans-Balkan Corridor.

Earlier it was reported that the construction of a new gas pipeline from Poland is being completed in Slovakia, construction work is in the final stages.

As previously reported by the head of the GTS Operator, after the completion of the construction of the Poland-Slovakia interconnector, Ukraine will have full access to terminals in Poland and the Baltic States. Джерело:


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