Russian lawyer said whether Putin’s entourage is ready for his death

According to Feigin, there is no serious plan of action in the Russian Federation in case Putin is gone.

Russian elites are interested in Putin's health, says Feigin / REUTERS
Russian elites are interested in Putin’s health, says Feigin / REUTERS

All decisions in the Russian Federation are made by Vladimir Putin , and the contradictions that arise in the system of power of this country created by the dictator will not find a way out.

This opinion was expressed by Russian lawyer Mark Feygin, writes ” Today “.play video

“What matters is not how they oppose each other, but whether for some reason they unite together against one and only person – Putin – to which everyone encourages them. And the West, with its provocative articles that Putin is dead, is a double there. I understand that this is written by the tabloids, but this is also a way of influencing, a kind of information war … to move all this environment, so that they all unite together and simply remove it, and then you can already argue who is the “hawk”, who there is a “pigeon,” he said.

According to Feigin, parts of the Russian army are already tired of fighting and dying – the military understands that no new resources will appear.

As for the so-called Russian elite, Putin’s health is of great importance for them, the lawyer stressed. Now in the Russian Federation, according to him, there is no figure capable of replacing the dictator.

“Not because he is so great, but because quarter of a century of circumstances have developed in which he created a system for himself. Any person promoted from this system will need to reshape everything for himself, and this is already impossible. to his position – under Yeltsin, when the West “kissed” both Yeltsin and him,” he said.

Feigin recalled that any successor to Putin will “come in” in the conditions of war, sanctions and the desire to “kill them all to hell.”

“Therefore , Putin’s health is of the greatest interest, because they do not understand what to do if he suddenly does not become. Of course, there is no serious plan on how to act – despite the fact that they would like to “jump” out of this situation. They understand that the price is rising day by day,” he concluded

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  1. It doesn’t matter if the mafiosi have a plan or not, in case the rat kicks the bucket. There is only one important thing, and that the rat kicks the bucket as soon as possible … or sooner.

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