Italy has bought two floating LNG terminals to replace Russian gas 

tanker, spg

Italian gas transmission operator Snam has acquired two floating regasification plants, which will be the first floating LNG terminals in Italy.

This was reported by Maritime Executive, Ports of Ukraine reports .

Snam will reportedly pay $ 350 million for the 2015 Golar Tundra, which can act as a gas storage terminal and transport it. It is expected to start operating in Italy in the spring of 2023.

In mid-May, Snam signed an agreement to acquire the Golar Arctic gas tanker, built in 2003. The cost of the operation is $ 286 million. The ship needs to be converted to operate as a terminal, and this will take about two years.

The total storage capacity of the terminals will be more than 10 billion cubic meters, they will be located in the Tyrrhenian Sea and possibly in the Adriatic Sea.

Back in March, the government instructed Snam to begin talks on supplying LNG storage facilities to the country to reduce Italy’s dependence on Russian gas.

Italy imports about 30 billion cubic meters of gas annually from Russia, which accounts for about 40 percent of total gas imports, and seeks to diversify its energy supplies by increasing LNG imports from the United States, Qatar and Mozambique.

According to Environment Minister Roberto Chingolani, it will take at least three years to completely replace Russian imports. Chingolani noted that 20 billion cubic meters could be replaced in the short and medium term through measures including the use of more LNG. Джерело:


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