20% of Ukraine

Robin Horsfall, retired SAS soldier, veterans campaigner and public speaker.

June 3

The latest media hype is to play with percentages to create the idea that Ukraine is losing her war. Russia occupies 20% of Ukraine. So what!?

Russia in the guise of Russian speaking separatists has occupied Crimea and the Donbas since 2014 so the war they are engaged in might have added another 5-10% of occupied territory at a terrible cost.

Territory is not victory, occupying land is not victory. Stopping an enemy’s ability to wage war is victory. Ukraine’s ability to wage war increases every day.

Considering that Russia has lost 30,000 men, dead, since their invasion in February they have paid an enormous price for grabbing some dirt. While they make small and expensive advances in Donbas they are withdrawing in Kherson and Kharkiv.

None of this comes cheap for Ukraine either they are paying in blood and men too but they know the guns are coming they know we are supporting them.

There are great efforts being made as you read this to control the information we receive. Russia wants the western press to concentrate on 20%, Ukrainian suffering and fear of escalation.

Whether it is money or just pure sensationalism, western journalists are succumbing to the Russian propaganda game. Stories about Russians claiming they can flatten the USA with four missiles are designed make ordinary people ask themselves ‘Will they?’

It’s nonsense to report this idiocy as though it was of any relevance. If I started screaming for our submarines to launch missiles at Moscow I would be rightly berated as a lunatic. It is blatant propaganda created to inflame fear and influence western public opinion.

20% or 30% or 90% – it’s irrelevant while Ukraine has an army and while the rest of the world supports them.

A lot of what you read is contrived, exaggerated and paid for. While Ukraine fights it is vital that the people in the rest of the world hold onto the truth. The truth is; Russia invaded Ukraine and Russian troops are waging a criminal war against the people of Ukraine. The rest is semantics. %%%

Slava Ukraine!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. I also don’t know what this hype is all about … 20% land occupied. Nazi Germany had 100% of how many countries? And, did it win?
    Indeed, mafia land has paid a very high price for what it gained. These types of losses/gains are unsustainable.

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