Ukraine will decide how far to shoot from American HIMARS – ambassador

The White House officially announced the supply of HIMARS to Ukraine.

Brink commented on the use of HIMARS systems by Ukraine \ US Embassy in Slovakia
Brink commented on the use of HIMARS systems by Ukraine \ US Embassy in Slovakia

Ukraine will decide for itself at what distances to use the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems .

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget Brink announced this during a briefing, RBC-Ukraine reports

“We are talking about a $700 million assistance package, which includes HIMARS systems with a long range. But the Ukrainian side will regulate how far to shoot,” she said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the White House officially announced the supply of HIMARS to Ukraine. Official Kyiv promised not to use these missile systems for strikes on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Depending on the type of rocket from the HIMARS installation, they can be launched at distances from 40 to 300 km. The Ukrainian side will receive ammunition, the firepower of which will not exceed 70 km.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. I wonder if Boris has been forced to put a limiter on the MLRS’s he is providing? I hope not. You cannot fight a giant nazi war machine with one hand tied behind your back, as Ukraine have been since this holocaust was unleashed.
    I don’t think that Boris and Biden even now understand how critical Ukraine’s situation is. Putler wants all Ukraine and is happy to murder everyone and destroy everything, if he’s given the time and scope to do so.
    It will very difficult to retake all the thieved land without a colossal amount of assistance, because the putinazis, like their isis friends, are likely to use human shields.

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    • Moskali supply lines and weapons factories are all legitimate targets during war. It shouldn’t matter if they are near Ukraine or Japan. Its ok for the Putinazis to attack Ukrainian hospitals but we can’t target their ammo depots in Mordor?

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  2. I’m very sure that Ukraine knows what it’s doing and what it will do. Designing and building such rockets can’t be more complex than many other things the Ukrainians build.

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