The European Parliament called for depriving Hungary of the right to vote

Ivan Boyko 00:20, 06/03/22 YHIAH

Budapest uses the principle of unanimity in the EU as a means of blackmail.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban / REUTERS
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban / REUTERS

Deputy President of the European Parliament Katarina Barly called for depriving Hungary of the right to vote in the European Union.

She stated this in an interview with  MDR Aktuell .play video

According to her, the country uses the principle of EU unanimity for blackmail. Barley recalled that in the negotiations on the sixth package of sanctions against Russia, Hungary blocked its adoption for several weeks due to the oil embargo.

Barley said the country’s voting rights could be suspended for violating the rule of law.

“Especially in Hungary, one can no longer talk about democratic and legal relations,” the EP vice-president said.

She added that the unanimous agreement of all member states, which is necessary for making major decisions at the EU level, “goes back to the time when the EU consisted of six countries, and now it is no longer practical.”

As UNIAN reported earlier, Hungary blocked the approval of the sixth package of EU sanctions against Russia , insisting on the exclusion of the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill, from the list of sanctioned persons.

The  Hungarian government also said that the European Union’s plan to completely ban Russian oil imports is unsatisfactory, as it threatens Hungary’s energy security.


  1. Now she’s talking my language. This really needs to be done. In the UN too where the ruSSia uses it’s veto power to run it’s fascist foreign policy. Otherwise both institutions will be a waste of time and a money pit. Autocracies and Commies do not belong in democratic institutions. Some things just don’t mix.

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  2. This would be high time. Orban, Putler’s useful idiot in the EU, has been causing nothing but trouble. He and his shit country are even worse than anyone else in the European Putler fan club.
    Having any entity with a principle of unanimity is downright stupid. This decreases efficiency by several factors. We see this all the time happening in the EU and in NATO. Currently, in NATO, Turkey is hamstringing Finland and Sweden’s memberships. It’s endangering two countries for its own political gains.

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  3. I’m not into the whole cancel culture stuff but honestly how can any country, regardless of their own nationalistic tendencies or biases, accept such blatant genocide and think this is someone else’s problem. It’s the entire world’s problem. Can’t they get that?

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    • I think they’re blinded by partisanship. There is guilt on both sides. For 8 years it wasn’t a partisan issue but Mr. Magoo is such an ass he’s got Righties rooting so much against him that a few are throwing Ukraine under the bus regardless of putin’s rashism.

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