Russian ambassador to the UK interview in full – BBC News

May 29


  1. Clive Myrie conducts a brilliant interview that calmly exposes this filthy Russian’s dirty, evil lies.
    A revolting experience, but it has to be seen. The “diplomat” himself may not be evil like putler and Lavrov, but he is still a wicked criminal.
    As he spews out his lies, you can tell from his eyes that he doesn’t actually believe them. He’s motivated by fear of what might happen to him if he steps out of line.
    Everyone should see this for proof of the evil of Russia.
    Clive was in Bucha and intends to return shortly.

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  2. I watched this sewer effluent so you don’t have to!
    Nevertheless it is worth seeing for the professional way that Clive destroys any remaining credibility of this turd. It also demonstrates the cunning web of lies that the kremkrappers have constructed. The far right and far left will lap it up and believe it.
    There are plenty of people out there who actually believe that Mariupol was shelled to smithereens by the Ukrainians.

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    • A common thread between Putinazis, RT consumers, Sputnik consumers and the alt-left and right is they all love conspiracy theories. I don’t understand it but it is like catnip for them and their whataboutisms…

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