Russia ups production of firearms, missiles – Ukraine’s defense official

Russia ups production of firearms, missiles - Ukraine’s defense official

Russia is preparing for a long war and is trying to act in Ukraine in line with the Syrian scenario.

This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar, who spoke at a briefing at the Ukraine-Ukrinform Media Center.

“Russia’s key goal is to destroy Ukrainian statehood. Russia isn’t ready to abandon any of its goals and is preparing for a protracted war … We see that they are moving to intensified production of firearms and missiles. In recent weeks, we have seen a greater concentration of missile strikes in eastern and southern Ukraine, but at the same time Russian missiles are reaching all corners of our country,” said Maliar.

She also stressed that the exercises in Belarus, shelling of Sumy and Chernihiv regions from the Russian territory, and the situation in Transnistria are likely to be part of Russia’s plan to prevent Ukrainian troops from regrouping for effective defense.



  1. “Russia is preparing for a long war …”

    I hope that is wrong, but I fear it may be not be. Time is of no consequence for a dictator for life who likely will be replaced by another nazi monster anyway.
    The putinazis have no fear of sanctions; they are barely 20% of what they should be in such harrowing circumstances.
    There needs to be mass starvation and a complete economic collapse in their shithole in order to effect real change.

  2. Belarus should be attacked ASAP. Its army would quickly collapse and many if not most Belarusians will change over to Ukrainian side. Transnistria is completely irrelevant. The mafia troops there are a mere snack.

  3. They will be able to build more weapons, considering all the steel stolen from Ukraine, by Russia and allowed to travel through the water of Turkey unchecked. Just like the grain stolen from Ukraine, allowed to travel freely without Turkey stopping it at its waters!!!

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