‘World War Three has already started’: Putin’s TV cheerleaders rant that UK and America will ‘pay a heavy price’ for interfering with Ukraine war as they threaten to demilitarise NATO



  1. A commenter in Germany has just posted this:

    “Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) has promised Ukraine the delivery of a modern air defence system. Scholz told the Bundestag that the Iris-T system would provide Ukraine with “the most modern air defence system that Germany has”. This would put Ukraine in a position to protect an “entire city” from Russian air attacks. In addition, the Ukrainian armed forces will be provided with a tracking radar capable of detecting artillery. Germany also wants to deliver four MARS multiple rocket launchers from Bundeswehr stocks to Ukraine. This will be done in close coordination with the USA, which will also train Ukrainian soldiers on the systems. The plan is to deliver the heavy weapons, which can hit targets at long range, by the end of the month.”

    I guess we are about to see if this is more bullshit from Scholtz.

    As for the scabby Skabeyeva skank : she is even more evil than she is ugly.
    She dreams at night of orcs raping and murdering Ukrainian children.

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