Wives Of Azovstal Soldiers Tell Of ‘Horrors, Pain’ Of Mariupol Siege



  1. The dignity and poise of these intelligent and beautiful women is amazing.
    The Azov consists of the people who live in that region : Ukrainians, ethnic Russians, Krymchaks (ie Jews),
    Tatars, Azov Greeks, Azeris etc.
    As I said many times, before putler’s latest Holocaust, Ukraine has no alternative but to become a military state. It faces a truly demonic enemy that will continue its extermination programme indefinitely, as it has the funds to do so for years. Even if it loses 100,000 orcs per year, that won’t stop the bastards.
    With approximately the same size population that Ukraine has today, Churchill had 3.5m men under arms. That is what Ukraine must do in double quick time. They currently have 750,000 and that needs to reach one million this year.
    Very sadly they are losing fine men and women at an eye watering rate at the moment. God willing that will start to come down very quickly.
    It would be a good plan to build an entire Azov division, just to spite the putinazis.

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