From Euromaidan Press FB page

June 1

Military journalist Yuriy Butusov: “We can’t tell in the news even 5% of what really happens [at the front]… there is a very fierce struggle against a very powerful enemy making every effort to destroy our units, demoralize society &force it to capitulate

“Russia already understands that Ukraine’s political leadership, pressured by the Ukrainian people, will never backtrack. Russia has set upon a course to destroy Ukraine and its Army. It uses all kinds of weapons, strikes very powerful blows & there are no hints that something will soften or improve”

“We must understand that in any line that is drawn on the map of hostilities, there is no peace, no silence. And on the many tens of kilometers of this strip there are very fierce battles, with application of the most modern very powerful means of destruction”

“Zelenskyy said that up to a hundred Ukrainian soldiers die every day. There are days when even more die and this is just the KIA; hundreds are WIA as well. This is a very brutal war w/ great losses, a war of destruction

“We need to be realistic: if we do not make every effort, this war will go on for years, it is very long, very brutal, and nothing is defined in it yet, our victory has yet to be won. It will not come by itself.”

Source: interview with Ukrayinska Pravda


  1. Just a tiny snapshot of the tragedy and horror of putler’s war of extermination.
    It will go on until orc mothers decide that they love their children more than they hate Ukrainians.
    If the orcs are ordered to return to the shithole they came from, there will be peace. If the defenders lay down their weapons there will be no Ukraine.
    If Germany, France and Italy had not funded this war, it would not have started.
    If the EU would stop trading COMPLETELY with the orcs, the war would end more quickly.
    If ALL travel to Europe and North America was denied to ALL Russians, the war would end more quickly.
    If ALL offshore Russian property and cash assets was seized and given to Ukraine, the war would end more quickly.
    If the US, UK and Poland would put boots on the ground and planes in the air, the war would end.

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    • It will be noted in history for all times to come, what losers there were in the West and that they too have hands dripping with blood, although this won’t help Ukraine any.

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  2. Well, I think it’s probably okay to welcome fleeing Russians if they hate putin and aren’t sending anything back to Russia. When I’d been talking with my Russian neighbor (I don’t know what oblast he’s from) about the war in Ukraine, he actually SPAT, at the name of putin. Although his English vocabulary isn’t very much, he thoroughly denounced Moscow and the kremlin. I’d tried mentioning about how I expect to marry a beautiful Ukrainian Lady, but he said he didn’t understand most of my words when I said that. Another Russian I met here who hates putin, is old man who said he was a technician at Chernobyl and he received a dangerous radiation dose.

    But yes, I definitely agree with isolating Russia as much as possible, and just about all the other points here.

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  3. I don’t think so, that mafia land can maintain this level of attack. They have already used up their pool of modern tanks and precision weapons. They are having difficulties with many of their soldiers as it is, and not to mention finding more meat puppets, especially those who are worth anything in combat. They still have low morale and while this war grinds on, it certainly won’t improve things. Their war tactics stuck suck and the only thing that they’re really relying on to get anywhere is massive shelling, which requires massive supply shipments, something that can be interrupted.
    The mafiosi have intensified this fight in the hope of achieving a certain goal as quickly as possible. It will fizzle out soon. I will kick myself in the ass if I should be wrong about this!

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