Car production in Russia fell 7 times 


Production of passenger cars in Russia against the background of international sanctions in April fell 6.8 times (85.4%) compared to April last year – to a record low of 19.9 thousand cars.

According to Rosstat data, compared to the previous month, the production of cars in Russia decreased by 53.1%, according to Russia ‘s Interfax .

In January-April, Russian car plants produced about 264,000 cars, which is 47.4% less than in the same period last year.

At the same time, the production of trucks in April fell by 30.3% compared to the same month last year – to 12.3 thousand units. Compared with March, the decline was 13.2%.

In 4 months, the production of Russian trucks, according to Rosstat, amounted to 52.5 thousand units, which is 5.9% less than in January-April 2021.

The production of buses with a maximum permissible weight of more than 5 tons in April slightly exceeded 1,000 units, which is 15.8% less year on year. However, by the end of 4 months, this figure increased by 1.5% to 3.8 thousand units. Джерело:



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