Gazprom stopped gas supplies to Denmark due to refusal to pay in rubles. For the same reason, gas will not be supplied to Shell Energy Europe.

Gazprom announced the termination of gas supplies to the Danish companies Ørsted and Shell Energy Europe from June 1, which refused to pay in rubles, Interfax reports, citing a statement by the Russian gas monopoly.

Ørsted announced on May 30 that it would not pay Gazprom in rubles, as required by the Russian side. The due date, the company said in a statement , is May 31. Denmark does not receive Russian gas through the gas pipeline, which Gazprom can block, Ørsted noted, adding that even after the supply is stopped, it will still be possible to purchase energy carriers on the European market.

Shell Energy Europe Limited also refused to pay in rubles for gas supplied to Germany, Gazprom said.

From April 1, Russia requires “unfriendly” countries to pay in rubles for previously concluded contracts for gas supplies.

Earlier  , Finland , Bulgaria and Poland refused to buy gas for rubles , supplies to these countries were also stopped. Some other buyers of Russian gas from EU countries agreed to the payment scheme in rubles.

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