A refugee from Popasna identified her belongings in a photograph of a Russian tank carrying loot

Alina Koreniuk, who was forced to flee the city of Popasna in the Luhansk region because of the war, identified the things she left at home in a photograph of a Russian tank carrying the loot.

Koreniuk, who left Popasna at the start of the Russian invasion and later made it to the UK, contacted BBC News and said the photo was taken on the street just a five-minute walk from her home.

The photo, taken on May 26 in Popasna by photographer Alexander Yermochenko, was published by many media outlets, including British ones. According to Korenyuk, her husband was the first to notice the photo, “He said:“ Do you notice anything strange in this photo? “And asked me if I see the same thing as him,” she said.

Alexander Ermochenko / Reuters / Scanpix / LETA

According to Koreniuk, the photo on the armor of the tank shows a new boiler that she bought before the war, as well as a tablecloth from her dacha, new bedding with Disney characters for her children, and a red blanket. The bed linen is covered by something else, as Korenyuk suggests, the TV and other household appliances that remained in her house.

What she saw, according to the interlocutor of BBC News, her family was not surprised. “We reacted like this – everything that they didn’t destroy, they will steal,” she said. We expected that the houses in Popasna would be looted, we were told about this many times.”

On May 26, Mediazona published investigation data showing that the Russian military sent more than 58 tons of parcels from border cities in the three months after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.

The fact that the Russian military was probably engaged in looting in the occupied Ukrainian territories began to be announced shortly after the start of the invasion, in particular with reference to footage of surveillance cameras installed in the border offices of the CDEK parcel delivery service. After such publications, CDEK began to refuse to accept parcels with goods for which the senders could not provide cash receipts, and turned off broadcasts from some branches.

Officially, the Russian authorities do not comment on reports of looting, but regularly state that fakes are being spread about the actions of the Russian military.

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  1. Looking at that image above, you HAVE to realize what a cockroach army this is. No, it’s not an army, it’s a huge pack of bandits!

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