Putin has simplified the issuance of Russian citizenship to orphans in Ukraine

The President of the Russian Federation signed a corresponding decree.

Russia has simplified the granting of citizenship to Ukrainian orphans / screenshot from video
Russia has simplified the granting of citizenship to Ukrainian orphans / screenshot from video

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed a decree on a simplified procedure for the admission of orphans from Ukraine to Russian citizenship, including those from the occupied territories.

“Establish that orphans and children left without parental care, incapacitated persons who are citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the Luhansk People’s Republic (ORDLO – UNIAN) or Ukraine, acquire the citizenship of the Russian Federation in a simplified manner in accordance with part eight of Article 14 of the Federal Law of May 31, 2002 No. 62-FZ “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation,” the decree says.

The guardian of a child, his custodian, the guardian of an incapacitated person or the head of the guardianship and guardianship body acting as a guardian or custodian may apply for admission to citizenship.

In addition, the document states that the head of an organization for orphans, the head of an educational organization or an organization providing social services, if it is located on the territory of the so-called DPR, LPR, as well as Zaporozhye or Kherson regions of Ukraine, can also apply with such a statement.

If the child is over 14 years of age, his consent is also required.

Consideration of applications and adoption of decisions, according to the decree, should take place no longer than three months.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. Based on what I understand about the history of settlement into what is now modern day Russia, it’s people developed from the intermingling of the ancient people of modern day Ukraine. They mixed with various nomadic tribes of other groups as they moved eastward across the continent, and not even the Urals’ range could stop that. So, based on the traditions of inheritance and historically recognized relationship, Russia should really consider Kyiv to be their ancestral “capitol” city. If anything, Ukrainians have more legitimacy to rule over Russians, based on this, and not only that, but Kyiv is older than Moscow, by around 500 years.

    So putin is literally attacking the home country of many a Russian lineage, but he’s quite willing to do anything to hold or seize power, including rape, murder and theft.

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  2. Whatever this stinky rat does, it’s completely irrelevant. It will all be reversed again. He will not leave behind any sort of legacies except the hate for Russia and the Russians and everything Russian.

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    • I hope you’re right but I don’t know how these stolen children will be reunited with their parents. Putin starts a war so the men go fight and then he kidnaps the mothers and sends them to Siberia and admits the children as “orphans” and gives them citizenship right away. We already know those Mothers lose all their IDs and will never see their children again. This has to be one of the worst War Crimes to date.

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      • I doubt that all families will stay separated. There are many ways to investigate who went to where. But, I’m also sure that many won’t get together anymore. You’re right, this crime is despicable and downright morbid.

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  3. At least he is doing something to clear up the mess he has caused, giving Orphans a permanent home, having murdered their Parents. To put it another way, the enforced russification of other ethnicities. Something his original invasion was meant to stop was enforced Ukrainisation………

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