Biden rejects Ukraine long-range rocket request as Russia advances

The United States will not provide Ukraine with advanced missile systems that can hit targets inside Russia, President Biden revealed Monday – once again rejecting a request from the Kyiv government for vital military aid. 

“We are not going to send to Ukraine rocket systems that can strike into Russia,” the president said after arriving back at the White House from Delaware.

Reports last week indicated the administration was preparing to send long-range systems to Ukraine as the eastern European nation continues to suffer from Russia’s brutal invasion that began on Feb. 24. 

Top Ukrainian officials – including President Volodymyr Zelensky – have requested the US and its allies provide Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) as well as High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

While other foreign leaders – such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson – have spoken in support of providing the rocket systems, US officials have expressed concern about whether Russia would see the weapons delivery as an unacceptable provocation by the West.

The decision not to send the rocket systems mirrors a similar move note taken earlier this year, when Biden decided against providing Soviet-made MiG-29 fighter jets that would have been transferred to Ukraine from Poland – despite repeated urges from Zelensky and US lawmakers from both parties. 

At the time, Biden wanted that such a move could cause “World War III.

Prior to Monday, the administration avoided confirming whether the US would send the long-range systems, with Pentagon spokesman John Kirby telling reporters Friday : “We are still working through what the next package is going to look like.”

“I won’t get ahead of decisions that haven’t been made yet, but we are in constant communication with them,” he added. “And our goal from the very beginning has been to try to help them in the fight that they’re in today.”

After an initial Russian offensive failed to gain control of Kyiv, Moscow has turned its attention to seizing the industrial Donbas region in Ukraine’s east. On Monday, the mayor of the crucial city of Sievierodonetsk, northwest of Luhansk, told the Associated Press that Russian forces had entered, power and communications had been cut and “the city has been completely ruined.”


  1. Pathetic excuse by Biden. If Ukraine place the US howitzers they received on the Russian border, can they not fire into Russian territory. Biden doesn’t want Ukraine to win this war, Russia are already gloating about this.

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  2. Spineless mother fucker. Let innocent Ukrainians gets butchered instead. I know Biden and the horse he rode in on. He should just go over and kiss Putin’s ass spineless shit!!!

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  3. If all these different countries around the world are supporting Ukraine by sending weapons, money, and other forms of aid short of actual military troops, then there’s ALREADY a “World War III.” It’s simply still in proxy conditions, because the different countries sending their own troops in alliance with Ukrainian military, then puts it at the same condition politically, as one of the two World Wars. What I think biden REALLY fears, is fully committing the United States’ weakened economy into a war where inevitably, nuclear weapons would be used.

    But as an American, this embarrasses me to say that the Brits are doing it better. I pray that Ukraine can survive to find some way of making biden regret his son’s idiocy in Ukraine while the senior biden was obama’s VP.

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  4. Ridiculous move to back off of something the Rashists don’t want just because the orcs complained. If they don’t like it, it is something we absolutely should be doing.

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  5. This is intolerable. For a weak, unprincipled old man, Biden just demonstrated that he can still hit a savage gut punch. But unfortunately not to the enemy.
    Zel was clearly expecting these systems. One can only imagine how he must feel.
    Boris and Duda: FFS go the extra mile. Or just send them shit loads of tomahawk cruise missiles.

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  6. As an American, one can only feel deep disappointment and above all unfathomable disgust for this old, frail, spineless man. He is still the weakest POTUS in the history of our great nation. I spit out in disgust!

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    • Once again we have distant foreign leaders thinking for Ukraine. IF Ukraine DID fire deep into Russia and the result was a nuke, where would the nuke go? Delaware? I don’t think so, probably Odesa or Kherson I would guess.

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      • Red, I simply cannot understand this old goat’s line of thinking. I guess that I’m far too different. I have more courage in my pinky than this stupid prick has in his entire frail, dumbass body. This is perhaps what happens when you’ve never really accomplished anything concrete in your life … live only as a parasite off of taxpayers … always having a cozy, warm, dry office and tons of privileges. Money for nothing…
        I don’t know, Red. I simply cannot comprehend spineless cowards.

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        • Knowing American democrats it wouldn’t surprise me if he was trying to prolong the war so he would have a distraction for the midterm elections in November. With inflation and gas prices, and open southern border, and no baby formula and wokeism, etc. he needs a distraction. That’s always the case with the hard left they need a distraction or an enemy to get support.

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