Patriots sang the anthem of Ukraine in the city park of the temporarily occupied Melitopol

A patriotic peaceful action took place in Melitopol, temporarily occupied by the Russian Nazis, on May 29.

This was reported by the local edition of ” Ria Melitopol “.

» According to eyewitnesses, the patriots are now singing the anthem of Ukraine in the city park. The photo shows several dozen people with improvised posters, flags and blue and yellow ribbons.

It should be noted that a few days ago, the underground workers of Melitopol, who are coordinated within the framework of the Zhovta Strichka movement, invited the townspeople to a rally in support of Ukraine on May 29. The date and time were announced in advance, but the meeting place was kept secret until the very end. Nevertheless, the people gathered anyway and showed that Melitopol is Ukraine, and people are not ready to surrender to Russia.


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