Orban’s colleague equated Ukraine with Nazi Germany

Zsolt Bayer also questioned the existence of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian nation as such.

photo UNIAN
photo UNIAN

One of the closest associates of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Zsolt Bayer, is promoting the thesis in the Hungarian media that Ukraine is an analogue of Nazi Germany.

This is stated in his author’s video, which is broadcast by the Hungarian pro-government media.play video

The influential newspaper of the government pool, Modyar Nemzet , which Orban loves, published the content of Zsolt Bayer’s video.

Bayer saw “Nazism” in the fact that in Ukraine they want to remove Russian literature from the school curriculum.

“It already happened in Nazi Germany. Goebbels already said that … Big bonfires then burned on the streets of Nazi Germany, they threw works harmful to German thinking and the German people, especially, of course, the works of Jewish authors. And Heinrich Heine warned, that those who start burning books end up burning people,” Orban’s propagandist said, adding that this judgment concerns modern Ukraine.

Bayer also questioned the existence of Ukrainian culture and the Ukrainian nation as such, illustrating his words with an image with Russian narratives that the territories of Ukraine are allegedly not Ukrainian, but allegedly taken or received in Russia and Poland.


“If we remove Russian culture from Ukrainian culture, what remains will be deplorably small and stupid,” Bayer says.

Zsolt Baier is one of Prime Minister Orban’s close associates and a co-founder of the Fidesz party, which, according to him, has party card No. 5.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. Let’s get this straight:
    Hungary is not only a small and very insignificant country, but it has a fascist government that is the ass-giver to the big fascist regime in Moscow. What this squalid little nothing-country has to say is as relevant to world politics as a flea on an elephant.

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