Near Kherson, Ukrainian defenders chase and burn Russian vehicles using artillery


The artillery of the land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continues to destroy the invaders and their equipment in Mykolaiv and Kherson oblasts.

Source: Facebook page of the 28th Separate Mechanised Brigade named after the Knights of the First Winter Campaign

Quote: “The artillery war continues, the 28th Brigade is chasing and burning the equipment of the occupiers on the land of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. The clumsy conquerors are fleeing from our land.

Kherson, hold on, we are close! “

Details: The date of the event is not disclosed. The military usually publishes videos some time after ighting, when it is not a danger to the Ukrainian Defence Forces.


  1. “Kherson, hold on, we are close! “

    Russia are very weak around Kherson, most of their battalions are crammed into Donbas. This is a smart move by Ukraine, either Kherson will be liberated, or Russia will have to withdraw troops from Donbas.

  2. Kherson will be the next city to be cleansed of cockroaches. The giant can of Raid called Ukrainian army will soon fumigate the southern region soon.

  3. “Kherson, hold on, we are close! “
    These are the words that Khersonites have dreamed of hearing since filthy, degenerate orc nazis entered in February. They are reputed to have murdered 300 civilians in a couple of days. God knows how many victims there are now. There were no Ukrainian military there.
    Pray to God that the ZSU take it quickly, with zero civilian casualties.
    As for orcs, I hope and expect the Ukrainians to give them exactly the same amount of mercy that the orcs gave to the women and little children they murdered: fucking zero.

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