Mykolaiv on edge as Russia closes in


  1. Painful to see those elderly sisters suffering like that. Their bravery is incredible.
    Sky states that the orcs are only 20km from Mykolaiv. How has this been allowed to happen again?
    We learned today that Ukrainian troops are in Kherson oblast, pushing forward to retake the city. Yet less than 100km to the west, the orcs are advancing on Mykolaiv?
    Both situations occurring at the same time? Unlikely.
    Does anyone know any more about this?

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  2. Battlefields are fluid, and misdirection/misinformation are at an all time high. But it is possible the Rashists tried/trying a push from south, while several Ukrainian units clearing west. God be with the defenders of Ukraine to force the orc horde out for good.

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    • If the orcs are 20 klicks away they can only have come from Kherson oblast. Which is why it is so puzzling that the defenders are in Kherson oblast.
      If what Sky says is true; and that is highly debatable, then the defenders must pull back to protect Mykolaiv.
      No Mykolaiv, no Ukraine.
      Boris and Biden must know that what remains of Ukraine’s unoccupied Black Sea coast must be protected at all costs.

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      • Scradge, I see no evidence that the cockroach army is getting near Mykolaiv. All available info points to the opposite way … that Ukrainian forces have pushed mafia forces back in different areas of Kherson region.

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