Hundreds of recidivists are already in Ukraine: Russia sends Chechen prisoners to war directly from the colonies

According to the GUR, about 2,500 militants from Chechnya participated in the invasion of Ukraine.

Of the 953 volunteers who went from Chechnya to Ukraine, 101 people "with a criminal past and present" / photo REUTERS
Of the 953 volunteers who went from Chechnya to Ukraine, 101 people “with a criminal past and present” / photo REUTERS

Against the backdrop of a full-scale military invasion, Russia sent convicts from Chechnya to Ukraine , whose sentences had not yet expired.

Of the 953 volunteers who left Chechnya for Ukraine, 101 are “with a criminal past and present.” This is reported by the telegram channel “We can explain” .play video

As they say in the message, one of the Chechens sent to Ukraine is the repeatedly convicted Bekhan Taysumov, who until the end of 2022 had to serve a term in a general regime colony for fraud.

Tamerlan Magamerzuev was also sent to Ukraine, who was sentenced to forced labor in March 2022. Instead of serving time, he left for Ukraine, having also missed court hearings on another case.

It is noteworthy that before the execution of the punishment, he did not have the right to cross the borders of the Russian Federation.

As Russian oppositionist Mikhail Khodorkovsky noted on his TG channel , hundreds of repeat offenders are already at the front.

“Our heroes were kept in zones under harsh conditions as especially dangerous recidivists prone to breaking the regime. Among them are those convicted of participating in gangs, robbery, robbery, illegal trafficking in weapons, psychotropic and poisonous substances … hundreds of recidivists are already at the front, in while at home, court hearings on them are canceled due to the “non-appearance” of the defendants,” Khodorkovsky noted.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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  1. So, fighting for mafia land we have all sorts of ethnic minorities from mafia land, Syrian terrorists from the Assad regime, Chechens, prisoners, people from occupied regions being forced, half-children, full-grown grandfathers, mercenaries, boozed-up retirees and who-knows-what else. Maybe they will scour the zoos and induct monkeys next?

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