Collaborators intend to “attach” the Kherson region to Russia next year

According to the traitor Stremousov, the “fate” of the occupied region will be decided through a “referendum”.

The actual illegal accession of Kherson to Russia is proceeding at a rapid pace / Screenshot
The actual illegal accession of Kherson to Russia is proceeding at a rapid pace / Screenshot

The traitor Kirill Stremousov, appointed by the invaders in the occupied part of the Kherson region , said that he intends to ask the Kremlin to “attach” the region to Russia, a decision, he believes, will be made “before next year.”

Reuters writes about it .

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The process, according to him, may include a referendum, although until recently he said that this was not necessary.

When asked about the timing of joining Russia, he replied: “This will not happen by autumn. We are preparing the administrative system, and then closer to next year we will see how things are.”

Stremousov told Russian media propagandists on May 11 that Kherson would ask Putin to incorporate it into Russia by the end of 2022. He said then: “There will be no referendums.”

However, in a comment to Reuters, he said a “vote” could take place.

“We will announce later when some kind of vote or plebiscite is planned, but it will not be today and will not be tomorrow, because our first task is to restore order in the Kherson region,” he said.

Stremousov was indignant at the inability of the Russian troops to capture Nikolaev.

“As soon as we get rid of the Nikolaev group (Ukrainian forces), which is constantly shelling Kherson, when we take the Nikolaev region and free our colleagues and citizens in the Nikolaev and Odessa regions, it will be much easier to do this,” he said.

But, despite the military situation, the actual illegal accession of Kherson to Russia is proceeding at a rapid pace.

On Wednesday, Putin signed a decree allowing residents of Kherson and the neighboring Zaporozhye region to obtain Russian citizenship in an expedited manner.

Russian banks and mobile operators have announced plans to start operations in the region, where Ukrainian TV channels have been replaced by Russian state media.

On May 6, the head of Russia’s ruling United Russia party, Andrei Turchak, said during a visit to Kherson that Russia would remain in the region “forever.”

The local pro-Russian administration has promised that Kherson will switch to the Russian ruble after a transition period when both the ruble and the Ukrainian hryvnia will be accepted.

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  1. All these measures are for naught. It’s only a matter of time before Kherson and every other region has been re-taken by Ukraine. And, when such shit nuggets as Stremousovwill stand trial!

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