The head of Roskosmos proposed to print money instead of the frozen assets of the Russian Federation (video)

Dmitry Rogozin proposes to give this new money to the industry, including the corporation headed by him.

Rogozin said that Russia does not have enough money for the Zeus nuclear tug project, and offered to print / screenshot from the video
Rogozin said that Russia does not have enough money for the Zeus nuclear tug project, and offered to print / screenshot from the video

Dmitry Rogozin, director general of the state corporation Roskosmos, proposed printing money to replace those arrested abroad under sanctions against the Russian Federation.

On Saturday, May 28, he said on the air of the propaganda TV channel “Russia 24”.play video

The new money, Rogozin believes, must be given to industry.

“Well, on the account of just these dollars – 350 billion – we can simply physically release our investment money. … I think it is possible … This money can be printed and given to industry precisely for the most powerful and most promising investment projects,” – said the head of Roscosmos.

According to Rogozin, if his corporation receives at least one trillion rubles from this amount, there will be “a sharp boost in all the most key programs.”

“… and the creation of a new promising manned system, and the creation of the Zeus project – a topic on which we have a seven-year head start in relation to the United States, this is a space nuclear tug. We have really advanced this work, we now do not have enough funds If these funds were available, we would immediately use such projects to push the concentration of intelligence, technology, industrial potential, which will unite at least the rocket and space industry and literally rush it forward, “says the head of Roskosmos.

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  1. Of course they would do that! Because naturally a tyrant like putin doesn’t accept reality contradicting what he wants. Thus we understand how much putin is like a spoiled little boy, but in control of an inferior military, and nuclear weapons codes.

    Perhaps, putin can look to Venezuela and see what happens when governments print “money.” Which of course, would destroy Russia’s economy. If this infuriates the Russian people enough, perhaps they’d overthrow putin. Or we can wait for the blood cancer to finish eating through his thyroid.

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  2. Despite the official rate, which is an artificial one, this measure of printing more money would add just one more reason why the ruble is really rubble. Go ahead, mafia land, just do it!

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